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Remember Breaking Dawn shooting in Brazil? Good times for the Fandom.

New Star Wars Episode 7 cast announced today. #NooneputsR2-D2inthecorner #inaboxnoless

Amazing photo from @gregyolen in London-now working on Slight Trick of the Mind starring @ianmckellen.

Kristen Stewart with Bill Condon between takes for Breaking Dawn 2

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Remember when you got this in your DVD (or two) at Target?
#BreakingDawnPart1 #weddingflowerNo.35231FTW

Alternate book cover…love this one.
#aslighttrickofthemind #CondonandSirIanreunite

Bill Condon’s new film project starring @ianmckellen! Starting to work on it now! Exciting! #SherlockHolmes

The BD crew. Is Bill in Taylor’s lap?

Love this shot of Bill and Taylor filming..

I never leave home without my pink Breaking Dawn luggage tag. What’s your favorite Twi swag?